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WHO DO WE RECOMMEND? For all ages who would like to care their skin. The healthy skin. beside being attractive, is an indicator of our excellent health status Similarly, dry, fatty or sore skin indicates that something is wrong in the body.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Yobogu Skin Detox Vitamin is the highest quality liquid multivitamin complex, developed especially to treat skin problems. Acne is one of the most frequent skin problems. Mostly adolescents, but might occur at adults and elderly t Although it is not a serious disease, sometimes causes mental problems at young people, leading to lack of confidence, distant behaviour, depression or anxiety. The special Yobogu Skin Detox Vitamin concentrate’s daily dose with 28 active ingredients provides spectacual solution on treating problematic, pimply or seborhea fatty skin. Using the product, the skin becomes hydrated, soft and healthy. After a three-months Yobogu Skin Detox therapy. the number of pimples is expected to drastically reduce.
VITAMINS AND MINERALS: basic nutrients that are required for basic body functions and their activation. Their absence may lead to diseases, fatigue and mental lability. PABA: the pars-amino-benzoic acid is required for the normal operation of microorganism (intestinal bacteria) present in the intestines. Therefore, it promotes the body’s healthy digestion and anti-oxidative processes. CHOLINE: prevents the abnormal sediment of fatty acids in the liver, playing efficient role in fat delivery, thus stimulating fat burning. It has a relaxing and positive effect on the memory. TRACE MINERALS: supports the perfect absorption of all vitamins and proteins and the body’s normal operation. E-VITAMIN, SELENIUM AND ZINK: supports cell’s protection against oxidative stress. Play major role in the operation of the thyroid and the immune system, mental activity, preservation of vision and bone’s health. MSM: significantly promotes collagen production, thus protecting the health of the skin, hair and nails. BIOTIN: plays a major role in amino acid’s metabolism, thus preserving the skin, beauty. COLLAGEN: promotes the healthy of the hair, skin and nails, a component of the skin. High collagen content slows down aging processes, making the skin soft and tight again, significantly reducing pimples and fatty skin. Its liquid formula is obtained from multi-filtered fjord waters. Its vitamins make the collagen treatment complete, guarantee the skin, original health and beauty.

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